TV Good Sleep Bad, episode 1

Elwood Jones (of From the Depths of DVD Hell and Mad, Bad, and Downright Strange) and I have a new podcast; it’s called TV Good Sleep Bad, and it’s all about us taking on Cult TV pretty much at random.

In the first episode, we discuss:

Ultra Q 1.01, “Defeat Gomess!” (1966): Two prehistoric monsters duke it out in the debut episode of this Japanese kaiju series.

The Outer Limits 2.01, “Soldier” (1964): A soldier from Earth’s far future finds himself inexplicably transported to mid-’60s America in this Harlan Ellison tale.

Television review: Hannibal, “Dolce” / “Digestivo”

This is, Hannibal fans, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the last two episodes of the Italy arc. Since we know the back half of the season will adapt Red Dragon, we also know these are also Hannibal Lecter’s last two weeks of freedom.

I’ve used this quote from Red Dragon before, but it seems especially appropriate this week:

“The reason you caught me is that we’re just alike” was the last thing Graham hard as the steel door closed behind him.

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Movie review: Creep [2014]

Seriously? Another found-footage horror movie? Do I have to watch this one? Do I, Mom?

I do? Sigh.

Well…this one’s a Blumhouse joint. (BH Tilt, specifically.) I’m not about to say the Blumhouse name automatically indicates quality; I’ve seen too many Paranormal Activity sequels to make that claim. (And I’m awfully skeptical about this Martyrs remake, but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.) But they’ve released enough interesting stuff that I’m willing to say I trust Jason Blum’s instincts.

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Television review: Hannibal, “Aperitivo” / “Contorno”

I don’t feel like writing introductory paragraphs this week. Let’s get straight to the meat and potatoes.

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Movie review: Parallels [2015]

Parallels is the story of Ronan Carver (Mark Hapka) and his estranged sister Beatrix (Jessica Rothe), who reunite when they both receive cryptic voice-mail messages from their eccentric father: be at a certain address at a certain time on a certain day. With Bea’s annoying childhood friend Harry (Eric Jungmann) in tow, they arrive at the location–a modern but seemingly deserted office highrise–at the appointed time. However, when they leave the building, they find themselves in a rubble-strewn post-apocalyptic wasteland–except for the building, looking shiny and completely out-of-place.

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Television review: Hannibal, “Primavera” / “Secondo”

Hannibal has always moved at its own deliberate pace, and showrunner Bryan Fuller applies a bit more pressure to the brake over the next few episodes.

Once again, let’s remind ourselves that “Mizumono” ended with three main characters (Will, Jack, and Alana) and one recurring character (Abigail Hobbs) either dead or at the brink of death, and “Antipasto” made no indication of their eventual fates. Now, are we as the audience actually supposed to think they might be dead? In the case of Will, definitely not; he, not Lecter, is the real protagonist of Hannibal.

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Movie review: Plague [2015]

Another zombie apocalypse. (Okay, if you insist: another plague-that-makes-people-behave-like-zombies apocalypse.) Evie (Tegan Crowley) hides out with a small group of survivors at a rural farmhouse. Days earlier, they became separated from Evie’s husband John (Scott Marcus), and have been waiting for him to arrive at this prearranged rendezvous point. The others feel it’s time to move on, but Evie doesn’t agree. Can she make it on her own until John finally arrives? And can she trust her fellow survivors?

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