Fantastic Fest 2015: Wrap-up

Note to those who have been following my Fantastic Fest 2015 coverage: there isn’t any new content in this post, this is just the “Best Of” and Ranking segments broken off from the day 8 post for ease of reading.

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My Month in Film: September 2015

As expected, Fantastic Fest dominated September like a kaiju. (Incidentally, if you haven’t read my daily recaps yet, go do so. I don’t write this blog for my health, ya know.) But I didn’t expect to get so far behind with the rest of it. Oh well.

The regular schedule of reviews will resume later this month…probably not next week, hopefully the week after. Probably going to focus more on horror throughout October and November. I’ll try to finish off the final four episodes of Hannibal by the end of the year.

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TV Good Sleep Bad, episode 2

Elwood released the second episode while I was in Austin, so I’m only getting to this now. Sorry!

In this episode, we discuss:

Dick Spanner, P.I., “The Case of the Human Cannonball” (1986): A hard-boiled robot detective takes on a convoluted case that may cost him his life in one of Gerry Anderson’s lesser-known efforts.

Mr. Show with Bob and David 3.05, “Please Don’t Kill Me” (1997): This episode of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s seminal sketch comedy includes skits about swearing preachers, obsessive landlords, hunger strikes, and sandwich spreads.

Fantastic Fest 2015: Day Eight

The final day! Featuring: Kurt Russell’s new Western Bone TomahawkLove and Peace, the latest from Japanese director Sion Sono; Sean Byrne’s sophomore effort The Devil’s Candy; the Czech documentary Daniel’s World.

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Fantastic Fest 2015: Day Seven

Day six gives us: Hannibal‘s Mads Mikkelsen in Men and Chicken; the superhero farce Lazer Team; In Search of the Ultra-Sex, assembled from scraps of porn movies; the Turkish horror film Baskin; and the horror anthology Southbound. Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2015: Day Seven

Fantastic Fest 2015: Day Six

On the sixth day, I watched: the John Hawkes-led neo-noir Too Late; the colonial-era horror film The Witch; the Polish supernatural drama Demon; the “extreme” and “controversial” anthology German Angst; Isaac Ezban’s Twilight Zone-inspired The Similars.

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Fantastic Fest 2015: Day Five

Day five gave us: the surreal German black comedy Der Bunker; the Emma Roberts horror vehicle February; Schneider vs. Bax, the latest from Borgman director Alex van Warmerdam; the French remake of Mario Bava’s crime drama Rabid Dogs; and more!

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